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Ok. To address a few issues at once.

1) If we expand to 12 teams, it will remain a 4 team playoff. I find an 8 team playoff to put little weight on season performance.

2) Trades will be allowed. I'm not familiar with FanTrax but I personally like the league majority veto rule. In this, each player in the league will be sent an email when a trade has been accepted. If it is completely lopsided, everyone can veto it to deny the trade. I will also retain the right to punish any team getting preferential treatment in a grossly biased trade with clear intentions to deceive the league (i.e. Team in last places trades team in 2nd place Aaron Rodgers for Daniel Thomas just as playoffs approach).

3) So we have no objections to allow ShowDough & ILoveWins in? If not, I'll get their invites out tonight.

4) Dirty, I chose the first as it is the closest sunday to the start of the league. If need be I can alter the date, but Sundays seem to be the consensus for the league and the previous Sunday is my fiance's birthday (spending it drafting a fantasy league instead of taking her out to dinner, right before the wedding, is a big no lol).

5) There seems to be a lot of people in favor of 1st/2nd/3rd payouts for a 12-man league. To appeal to both the winner take all and distributed payment people, why dont we do something like $400 to winner, $150 to second place, $50 to third place?
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