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Originally Posted by DiscreetCat View Post
I was just looking over the FAQ's, and it doesn't look like it. We'll have to have someone collect the entry fees and then re-distribute it as prize money after the season's over.

Btw FL, are in-season trades going to be allowed? This is gonna be new for me...i've never played in a local league before. I always just play the national contests.

I've never played head-to-head before, either. Just roto.
Typically, trades are allowed, but every manager is given an opportunity to veto a trade to keep managers from cheating (i.e. Aaron Rodgers for Graham Harrell would probably be vetoed).

As far as payout, I would be happy with a 70/30 split for 1st and 2nd, or just winner take all. I have tried "bonus" payments in the past with my leagues, like $25 each for QB, RB, and WR with highest points at the end of the regular season, but that could get complicated.
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