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RightAngle 07-20-2007 04:35 PM

Another suspicious Pick 6 ticket at Del Mar
Reportedly the winning pick 6 ticket at Del Mar on Thursday started with four singles (3 of which were longshots of 8/1, 14/1, and 45/1) before spreading out in the final two legs (mostly favorites) for a $16 ticket.

This is in similar fashion to the fixed Pick 6 tickets in the Breeder's Cup a few years back.

Here is a link to the article:


bbixler 07-20-2007 07:59 PM

$133 single keys pick six score
Has a little extra cash now for Bingo....LOL

DEL MAR, Calif. A 72-year-old bingo player from San Diego scored the biggest jackpot of his life Thursday when he slipped away from bingo just long enough to play a Del Mar pick six that returned $110,111.40 for one winning ticket.

Raymond Byers placed his wager at Viejas Casino, where he is a regular in the bingo parlor. The unusual structure of his winning ticket - a $16 play that started with four singles - piqued the interest of Del Mar officials. After reviewing procedures Friday, track officials expressed confidence in the integrity of the parimutuel system.

Following the singles, the winning ticket included four horses in the next-to-last leg and two horses in the final leg. The structure was curious because three of his four singles were outsiders - including Freedom Class, who paid $133.80 in race 3. The other singles were Princess Susan M, who paid $18 in race 4; Swiss Blend, who paid $6 in race 5; and Ballistic Heat, who paid $31.60 in race 6.

Byers said he wagered $44 into the pick six Thursday. Byers cashed the ticket Thursday evening at Viejas, and admitted he was lucky. He originally wanted to single race-3 favorite Hit It Skip (No. 8) in the first leg, but when that one scratched, he said he was flustered and went instead with No. 7 - the $133.80 winner.

"I was in a hurry," Byers said. "I go by jockeys and trainers."

Byers said his biggest previous score was $13,000. He said he been wagering on horses since 1958, and placed his wagers between bingo sessions. He was unaware of his potential bonanza until after the first three races had been run.

Bill Navarro, Del Mar director of parimutuels, said a procedural review with the track auditor gave him confidence the ticket was legitimate. "There is no doubt in my mind," Navarro said.

Byers's four horses in race 7 included $11 winner Hello Sunday. In the final leg, one of his two horses was $5.80 winner Mix.

RightAngle 07-20-2007 09:00 PM

This is the second very suspicious Pick 6 ticket reported in the last few weeks or so. The other being the guy who hit it on the record carryover day at Hollywood Park on a $4 ticket and a $2 ticket.

It is almost as if the possible perpetrators behind this are finding regular looking lifelong horseplayers to step in and cash these crazy tickets to help get away with the scam.


Mikenyce 07-20-2007 09:35 PM

I remember that Breeders Cup
That was the year Volponi won it and paid $88. I cant forget that year I hade $100 WPS on Volponi and hit the exacta and the tri straight. Made a ton of $$$. After cashing the tickets I knew someone up at the track and they let me frame the tickets and I have them hanging in my basement! I think thats the last time I hit a horse lol

Duckgawd 07-21-2007 10:10 AM

I dont care what anyone says, i dont think anyone could have singled those four horses in a row! I think that is very susupicious, and should be looking into!!!! That should have been an easy pick 6 carryover!

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