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horseshoe Old Friends Farm: What a Day!!
I had the honor and pleasure to spend two hours at Old Friends Farm today in Lexington,KY.
For those of you not familiar with the farm well a man named Michael Blowen founded it in 2003.
They now care for over 120 horses in three states. It is a living history museum of Horseracing.

Gulch and I spent about ten minutes together, what a proud warrior he is. If you fed him carrots you were his buddy, but if you just wanted to pet him out came his attitude.
Danthebluegrassman was next, he has that white stripe down his face, he shares his paddock, but if you weren't feeding him, he'd push his buddy out of the way. You had to feed him through the bottom of the fence due to a recent throat operation.
Bull In The Heather was next, a very ornery sort, you feed him but don't turn your back. He will try to take a little nip of your shoulder.
Patton was next, he was so gentle and loved his picture being taken.
My highlight was Zippy Chippy, the love able maiden. He went to race 100 times and as we know, never crossing the finish line first. He was so friendly.
Ogygian was another pushover,due to he has lost his left eye. They think it happened in a breeding accident. Once again just feed him carrots and a peppermint and you had a new friend for life.

Not to editorialize anything, but how certain owners just let these gallant warriors just go to slaughter or "homeless" is truly dispicable. Somehow, someway, a % of any earnings should be put into a "retirement" fund. So when there racing days are over, they'll always have a home.
There are many good owners, but far too many bad ones.
When you're in the Lexington area, I strongly encourage you to stop by and meet and greet your "Old Friends."
PS- the tour is free,donations are encouraged. They also have a great gift shop.
When I get home I'll post some pictures. Truly a day I'll never forget.
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John Greenhaw
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Nice post, Cigar shop!

Michael Blowen is a great person, and his efforts a most noteworthy endeavor!

I have had bad luck lately and had to retire a couple of one time promising colts. We were lucky though as we had partners who were willing to give them a good home. Many are not so lucky?

Mr. Campbell has always given a present to his partners every year during the holidays, but lately we will get a card setting forth that our gift was a donation made in our name to Old Friends. It's a great idea and makes all feel better than getting a fruitcake!
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Good Stuff thanks
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