View Full Version : Hawthorne Tonight 7/27

07-27-2007, 01:08 PM
Race #1- Audacity (#6)
Dominated at Balmoral, went to Canada where he was a bit over his head. Came back here and closed big last week against one of the top 3yr olds. Should take this one.

Race #3-Fox Valley Nanners (#5)
Ran alot of big races this year. In with the top 3yr old fillies in this race. Should compete well. Faith Leigh and Sportsfancy will see all the money. Hoping they burn each other out and give Nanners a shot to come flyin.
If you put him in an exacata, do a $1 5/6 Box. Not worth the $6 box with 3 horses as it wont pay much.