View Full Version : Mott's Go-To Guy . . . ?

07-26-2007, 07:28 AM
Has Kent Desormeaux become Bill Mott's go-to guy on the turf ?

A few years ago, when Mott was winning training titles at the Spa, Jerry Bailey was clearly Mott's guy. As Bailey hung it up, Cornelio Velasquez seemed to get most of Mott's better horses, but now it looks like Desormeaux is getting most of the rides . . .

Also, Mott doesn't seem to be hitting at anywhere near the same clip - Is it the quality of the horses, the trainer, or the jock ?

I like this Jockey/Trainer angle . . . a few years ago as JJ Castellano was coming on to the scene, Nick Zito started putting him on a lot of good horses - and you could get a price, since Castellano wasn't well known . . .

Anyone else have a favorite combo to keep an eye on at the Spa for the next month ???