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07-28-2012, 01:22 PM
1 1/16 turf n1x for fillies and mares

1,5- come out the same race and the winner was 14-1 and had the worst trip with his jocks feet in his chest the whole way.but dreaming of cara had the worst trip between these 2 and would of atleast got 4th.

2- what we call in this game a money burner...staying away today.

3- this horse is a mystery to me because first time turfer 2nd off the bench. trainer did it in a stakes at belmont so shes a player.

6- classic phipps bred horse who found her home on the green but no jv..

7- horse has along way to go to get the price tag back.

8- not a big fan of her last. she was rank and her running line looks better then the race. to short of a price.

10. jock is now s. bridg. and she has been gone for 10 months and just shot out a 46.4 turf bullet..give her 1 maybe 2.

11-2nd race off bench. got a nice bullet before leaving cd for toga..joel on board. think he will cover her up and run late. SELECTION

12- may need the distance to see her best. will get a square price if you back her.

07-28-2012, 02:01 PM
played 11 to win.

also played a tri.