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01-01-2012, 02:16 PM
Big A 1/2/12

Race 1-
1) Ms Diller can't find a trainer that wants to keep her. Goes on a fast track for the first time and is a reach even if she likes it.
2) Celtic Chant is fresh, fit and adds blinkers for barn that does little wrong. Could be long gone from the bell.
3) Truth Will Tell got a beautiful tightener racing wide on dull and tiring turf course. Turns back today and is well worth the price.
4) Blondecat ships in for torturous barn that is always overbet and burns more money than Enron. Tossing.
5) Social Statement also goes long to short here but will be overbet and lines look a lot better than they actually are.
6) Hillsboro Bay adds more speed to the mix making Truth Will Tell that much more attractive.
7) Smart Stride returns from yet another layoff with a barn change. Without me.

Contenders: 2,3

Race 2-
1) Sophia is another Steve Klesaris chalk with good lines and the butane ready.
2) Manx Miss is very ambitiously placed.
3) Honchis N Ponchis is carving out a nice living at this level. Always eligible too with the optional tag and turn back to 6 should have this one cooking in the lane.
4) Mysterious Chimes is here for a reason but I can't figure it out.
5) Saltamontes had no chance in last chasing in a route on a cuppy surface. Perfectly spotted today and may be the one to get the first run at the speed.
6) Palooza needs to clear to be at her best but not likely for that to happen today and even if she does, she really isn't much stock. Tossing.

Contenders: 3,5

Race 3-
1) Litigation Risk has postional speed to protect the rail but not fast enough to stay with Dr. Disco early.
2) Starforaday wheels right back after crushing weaker a couple of days ago. Negative trainer change and much tougher field.
3) Dr. Disco is a bullet and will take these as far as he can.
4) Flat Bold returns to level of claim for great barn. The one to beat especially with any kind of pace collapse.
5) Driven By Success is completely raced out and just another example of how one idiotic owner can kill the stats of even the finest trainer.

Contenders: 3,4

Race 4-
1) Primed For Success is a half to Driven By Success but unlike much classier older brother, this one has had excuses in lightly raced career.
2) Shewreckstheplace is yet another head scratcher. What is she doing here??
3) Andrea's Moon has small chance for a check if she saves ground.
4) Late Night Laura makes first start off the Contessa claim but can't tell much from the cheap Calder lines. Your guess is as good as mine.
5) Miss Libby was all over the track in key race debut then was subsequently tightened twice on off turfs. Ready for best today, price is right and I like her a lot.
6) Smokin Alice is a contender at a short price for hideous barn. Tossing.
7) High Top Sneakers is just too ridiculous for words. Belongs at Fort Erie, not Aqueduct.
8) Royal Suspicion had trouble in sloppy sprint debut. I ordinarily don't like horses stretching off one sprint but barn is deceptively hot and this one at least isn't a proven loser. Great bomb.
9) Mistretta is easily the worst horse in Bruce Browns barn and the scary thing is, she'll take money here. Will finish in latter half of the field.

Contenders: 1,5,8

Race 5-
2) Poppy Day goes for low profile connections who would fare a lot better if they placed their horses more aggressively. This one is in a nice spot and the rail adds to the appeal. Big shot.
3) Bob's Pinup Girl drops to the bottom for barn who has protected her in the past. Have to think her days are numbered.
4) Tonigail is speedy and consistent and barn is on a roll.
5) Much Fanfare wired bad field and has no chance of making the lead today against a much better bunch. OUT!!
6) Air Mail is a one run closer with little ability. Can't recommend.
7) Carlyn Darlyn was barely competitive against restricted 4's at Finger Lakes.
8) Lights Out Lisa is kind of interesting because her form is hidden but definitely there. Big shot if able to get to the inside.
9) Marlene's Pearl will be forced to come from the clouds with the wide draw but has some ability and will be a huge price.
1) Pretty Momma better be pretty because she certainly isn't fast. May just slap her trainer in the face when she gets back to the barn.
10) Auric Girl is another dead rock closer in what is panning out to be a paceless race. Next.
1A) Unruly Storm has speed and a chance if in.

Contenders: 2,4,8

Race 6-
1) Hotkittyinthecity drops and draws the rail and just might be good enough to suck along for a piece.
2) Shalaka has speed but has failed against fields even worse than this if you can believe it. Tossing at a short price.
3) B Karma came from Florida, Massachusetts, and now New York. Lines are competitive for these and price will be fine.
4) Fall Into Faith may be a bigger pig than her trainer but that might be reaching. I'd hate to insult the horse.
5) City Ransom is another from the Campo barn that has improved dramatically since the barn found their pharmaceuticals. Needs more though.
6) So Be It Rachael brings back fond memories of John Candlin. This one has beaten one horse in 4 starts. I'd love to see the lines on that thing.
7) Thunder Princess is a stone closer but has some ability as compared to these and has a shot.
8) My Sydney Girl had no excuse in last but meets another weak field and can win if she gets loose.
9) Twillerbee may be the speed of the speed but tough to take at a short price.
10) Sundae's A Meese is a 5 year old maiden home bred for another millionaire knowledgeless owner.
11) Walkingonbroadway has defeated five horses in 8 starts.

Contenders: 1,3,5,7,9

Race 7-
1) Two Moons stretches out and draws the rail but is a one paced type and has no chance at a route.
2) Tough Market was posessed in last and any effort close to that will destroy this field.
3) Wise Choice would be a great claim. Honest as they come and has a nice gear.
4) In Her Hey Day never really had one.
5) Warmhearted Sandy is here from the lakes and just plainly overmatched.
6) Honey Mou looks better on paper than she actually is and will show her true colors today.
7) Alykela is another racing here for no apparent reason.
8) Dopke Gal has hidden ability. Might not get to Tough Market but a great key underneath for tri's.
9) Hoopskirt is another from the Galluscio barn who has suddenly returned from the grave. Tough draw though and not as good as these.

Contenders: 2 on top. 3 and 8 keys underneath.

Race 8-
1) Guyana Princess rallied for place routing off a layoff for one of the games finest trainers. Flying late with any kind of set up.
2) Love Stanza Chance showed nothing in only fast track race and shows no incling of liking it today.
3) Moshe Diane gets the award for worst trainer change of the century. Should be 99-1.
4) Soldierette must feel like being in a race where she'll run last.
5) Lucy Stragmore moves up 12 classes off maiden win and would be a major surprise to even hit the board.
6) Little Larky adds blinkers trying to recover the early speed he once had. Might surprise.
7) Tapaline is competitive at this level and will find a field she can beat one of these days.
8) Victoria Pool is yet another victim of being claimed by the psychotic Indian.
9) Still Waiting obviously has issues but Iselin is tough as nails and this one will be tough if left alone.

Contenders: 1,9 with a press on the 1

Race 9-
1) Forty Tears has had two nice tighteners since maiden sprint victory at Belmont.
Rail draw a plus and price will be right.
2) Keltic Fighter is cheaper than the Wendy's dollar menu.
3) Heiden drops off the claim and just looks really negative to me.
4) Solutionfinders fits but will likely be overbet due to connections.
5) Haya's Boy fits well here and will be aided by any kind of pace duel.
6) Pervis gets very negative trainer change and appears to have no chance here.
7) Sweat Shop drops and adds blinkers turning back. Nice price today and big shot from just off the pace.
8) Pavlov's Dog requires binoculars in this spot.
9) Call The General adds blinkers like thats gonna help.
10) Lime Zest draws outside other speeds limiting her already minute possibility of getting a check.
11) Houston Harbor was claimed, laid up and now drops. Get the ambulance ready.
12) Cella Muffler is another hideously spotted. Don't these trainers even look at the pp's????

Contenders: 1,5,7 pressing the one.