View Full Version : Big A Saturday

12-30-2011, 02:57 PM
Race 1- 4) Cat Sweep caught two cuppy wet tracks in a row but showed that beautiful zig zag pattern.
Comes up to this beautifully and may just go right down the road while not needing the lead to win.

Race 2- 3) Obviously Tuesday has shown speed in every start while never getting fast footing.
Blinkers on today and should have all the bottom in the world.

Race 3- 3,4,6,7,8. Separate them if you can. I can not.

Race 4- 1) T. J.'s Bodylan has speed and talent. Will not be a maiden for long.

Race 5- 2) Crossbow stretches out as the only speed.
1) Viscount is the right one from the rail if the top one can't get this far.

Race 6- 6) Brooklyn Red stretches out undefeated and should be able to secure an easy lead. Catch him if you can.

Race 7- 10) Giopi caught the slop in first start for Rudy now gets a fast track with return to level of claim. Need only overcome wide draw.
2) First Gold is the inside speed for trainer if nothing else, has good stats.

Race 8- 1) Stormy's Majesty makes first start for Galluscio since the barn caught fire. working like a champ and should crush this field with the rail draw.

Race 9- Using 3 here. 12- Sea Gaze must overcome wide draw but fits well for underrated connections.
1) After Shock is cheap but has done nothing wrong. Rail helps.
11) My Nicky drops off the Rudy claim wihich I normally hate but with the purse increase, why not??

12-30-2011, 09:19 PM
Race 1- $16 wps 4
$8 DD 4/3
$1 P3 4/3/2,3,6,7,8

Race 2- $1 P4 3/2,3,6,7,8/1/1,2

Race 6- $15wps 6
$8 DD 6/2,10
$8 P3 6/2,10/1
$1 P3 6/All/1
$2 P4 6/2,10/1/1,4,11,12
$1 P4 6/2,10/1/ALL

12-31-2011, 09:08 AM
With the scratch of the one in the sixth, I'm making only the one play today.
I'm betting Brooklyn Red to win. Double 6/2,10 Pick 3 6/2,10/1 6/all/1 pick 4 6/2,10/1/all
6/2,10/1/1,4,12 6/all/1/1,4,12
Really looking forward to Brooklyn Red.